Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That quiet bitch in the corner.

I had a conversation today that,
had it been overheard by passersby,
could have been mistaken as simple
bitching and complaining.

Sometimes, we do that.

I had a conversation today that,
had I stopped to examine why we were discussing
what we were discussing,
it may have reminded me of you.

I complained that you were missing.
I complained that you were late.
I realized that our first "fight" would,
have to be about
your whereabouts.

And then,
there she is,
Sitting in her corner.
She has nothing to say.

and When
you are truly like her,
you'll have nothing to
complain about.

Happy doesn't have
too much to say.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I just listened to The Last Time I Saw Richard for the first time in a long time

It is one month later
and I have just woken up
from that very same evening
with you.

It is one week later
and I have realized how hard
someone like you must
have it.

Surrounded, on the periphery,
by irreverence
and vanity,
I say simply,
“Woe is you.”