Thursday, September 4, 2008

I had to do it all over again...

And isn't that a problem? I mean, I had one of these lovely little bloggie-poos set up and I tired of it. Don't we do that? Just, you know, as "human beings"? Why do we grow tired of each other? Of our things? Of our toys? Ok, I'm sorry for asking so many questions right out of the gate.

Basically, I'm reading this trash. Ok, it's not "trash". It's actually a great book about discovering, awakening, developing, and appropriately-using your creative power. Isn't that some bullshit? (Another question. Damn!) No, I am forcing myself to "write it out". It's something I've been doing for a while. So, why not make it more accessible. Right? (Sorry)

I've charted some things. I've plotted a relatively safe course. "Safe" in the terms of "using a condom with a one night stand who's name you can't recall...but I think he was Australian." You know..."Safe". LYD (Like ya' do!) I have some things to think about over these next few weeks,...months,...years and I do apologize ahead of time for wasting any of your precious time by making this accessible for you and yours to read. I just have some things to Say/Process/Think About/Chew On(SLASH)Work Through, and I do beg your forgiveness should they bother you.

Topics to look forward to discussing:

(1) My/Our Career(s) and Where has it/have they gone?

(2) My/Our Men(s) and Where he is/be? (Please note the use of Ebonics or "Black-Speak")

(3) Your Political Views vs. My Desire To Remove You From My Top Friends On FaceSpace For Your Incessant Announcing of "Where You Stand" Via Bulletins And Status Updates.

(4) Butt Sex (Or any other kind of The sex which you all may be having, as I have none of The sex myself.

(5) This great, crazy, cynical, Lawry's-seasoned world we try, simply, to exist in each day without crying, stepping on anyone's foot, or slapping the simple colored shit out of them.

That's all tonight.
My straw just fell into the bottle of wine I've been working on these last 15 minutes and I need to go rescue that.

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