Monday, February 9, 2009

Is anyone else as cold as you are?...I mean "I am".

I'm searching for warmth.
Sometimes, the warmth
of your palm
face down on top
of the back of my hand.
Sometimes, for my toes
as they slide from
underneath my quilt.
Often, in the conversations
between friends.
Always, if I open my heart
with the intent
of letting you in.

I'm searching for warmth
and not only because
it is cold.

A winter is a wonderful
time for a dinner
with you.

I just read this for the first time today and I found it so...well...warming. It's always interesting to me the things you find, that you've had in your possession all along, which you've chosen to ignore, that "show up" someday, and they change the way you've been seeing things for so long.

I hope tomorrow goes well. The first day without was simple and perfect.
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