Tuesday, September 18, 2012

...I'll Miss You, California

I just got back from my first amazing trip to Los Angeles.  Now, you all know I've been to Los Angeles several times before, but it's never been as welcoming as it was this last time.

Even though I had to drive past that dreaded intersection on Santa Monica Boulevard where last year I waited for my best friend to pick me up off the curb, covered in tears, and stupid decisions, artistically this was a truly fulfilling week.

Planning my show with the folks at The Lyric Theatre in West Hollywood was brilliant.  We created a wonderful vibe for the audience.  And Elliot and I had the most wonderful time playing for these folks. I can't thank Ryan Braun and Sean Gaynor at The Lyric (www.LyricTheatreLA.com) for inviting me out.

I put some cool new videos on my website from the DROM show in August.  We tried to bring some of that same stuff to LaLa Land.  As soon as I have some stuff from Cali, I'll post that too.
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