Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Notes to self (w/ Diane Sawyer)

But it's been months since you've had anything to say.  Why now?

Well, Diane, it's about having an outlet.  I've been so happy these last few months, and have been creating the entire time.  You get rid of the negative, soul-draining forces in your life & only spend time with those you love.  But you must always be creating.  

Where have you been?  And where are you now?

Diane.  Sweet, Diane.  I've been writing.  If you're not taking notes while you're dumbing it down to fit in, then you're not advancing.  I'm trying to do a little bit of everything.  The first few days I just sat at the piano until it had something to say.  Now I thought I'd bring back this old gem.  
(The above interview is from a private, late night phone call between the artist and Ms. Sawyer never meant to be released.  The entire transcript can be found HERE.  The ongoing Twitter feud between the artist and Ms. Sawyer can be found HERE.)

*** *** *** 

Things/Headlines that are on the table:

  • 100 Days of Self-Serving Forced Happiness
  • The Return of The Black Glitterati (aka:  Darkie, Where Have You Been?)
  • Study Reveals:  Time Spent on Buzzfeed Quizzes Will Always Be Time Spent Alone
  • It's Still My Fault That You're an Asshole
  • Top 10 Returns Just In Time for Kim-dependence Day
  • Confessions:  In life, I neither want to Follow or be Liked.  But I'd like you to Follow me and Like me.  Is this the reason I'm not getting pregnant?
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