Tuesday, July 14, 2009


There is a new exercise regime I’m taking part in. It comes out of our usual boredom, frustration, judgment, depression, anger (oh, too many complaints)…

This is not stemming from one of those days where I must hurry home, shimmy down these panties, unhook this bra, and pour myself a tall, albeit respectable, glass of cool, clear Remy Martin featuring two ice cubes and one bendy straw. Although the origins of this regime are routed in something similar…

I have, simply, grown tired. Tired of irreverence. Tired of vanity. As I discovered the other day, walking through Bloomingdales, tired of shopping. Tired of “getting to know you”. Tired of having to let you go. Tired of boredom. Tired of letting things I ultimately have no control over frustrate me.

The feeling you get inside is amazing when you let all of that go. Doors begin to open. Renovations are no longer needed.

And now I can listen to Duke Ellington all day long.
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