Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In one phone call

And since cookies crumble,
milk spills,
flowers die,
and dreams defer,
as it turns out, I will no longer be listening to Duke Ellington.

Through some strange shift in the wind,
misdirection from directors,
lack of productivity from producers,
my time in the land of Mr. Ellington has been cut short.

This is clearly a sign from a higher, more intelligent, power that this situation was not going to bolster my career, despite what working for free in what was quickly becoming creative squalor might do for me kareer (sp?).

Things pass and things change.
Even in a sea of nothingness, there still has to be something new and unseen just around the corner. I’m going to go find it on my next dive.

Does anyone want to go to the beach?
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