Friday, August 30, 2013

I met a woman. She had a mouth like yours.

When we first met, we bonded over both missing and lacking loves.  We also sat in Central Park with a guitar and talked about the music that moved us.  That was just a month ago.  And I'm still moved by her.  Last week's "Last Tuesday" was amazing and I have fallen head over heels (9") for a feisty, soul singing red head named Bridget Barkan.  If you ever have to chance to sit anywhere in the vicinity of her, do.  If you ever get the chance to sing with her, do.

If you missed us the other night, here's a snippet of me telling you what it takes for us to do what we do, and why I think we do it well.  And this is one of our favorite songs!!!  Elliot Roth and this band killed me.

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