Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Michael. Living. Jackson. Tubman.

Diversity starts at home. I always come back to the idea that "Like speaks to Like". That's what draws people to you. Once y'all are together though, what do you do?  Does your work reflect the world around you? If it doesn't, it wasn't work. When I look back through our history, I'm sure there were some House N-words who sat by the side of the road throwing all the du'ragged shade they could as ol' Harriet Tubman came walking by. "Well, look at her...She oughta be shamed," they'd say to each other. "Oh, nawsuh, we ain't going where you's going. We's g'wine to wait fo' this heh express train."  And they either turned up their noses, or cut their eyes back down over the tops of their bifocals to continue reading the Jet Magazine scriptures, like Celie sitting in church secretly reading one of Nettie's letters.  Supporting each other is hard to do when you're standing on the side of an unpaved road keeping score [s-c-o-r-e-.] I will follow my friend Michael R. Jackson  and his art, his music, and his fiery, passionate soul to the ends of this earth and beyond. It is an honor to sing even one bar of what he creates. Truth starts at home. 


Hosted by:  The Black Ups
Sunday, October 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Damn The Light Presents an evening celebrating cabaret and performance artist, James Jackson, Jr. as he steps into a new decade. 

With very special guests:

Alexis Hightower (debut album "The Girl Next Door")
Bridget Barkan (Dear Stranger, Scissor Sisters, Danger Heart)
The cast of Michael R. Jackson's "A Strange Loop"
Gavyn Taylor Pickens (The Curvy Cutie) 
& more

85 Ave A

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The Black Ups 

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