Saturday, September 19, 2015

Damn The Light, #BIRTH

For my 35th Birthday, I started the journey of these solo shows of mine. Wether or not you've paid attention is not important. Who I was when I began, the person I became in the middle, and who I've happily ended up as these 5 years later make for quite a story. 

I want to capture: 
35's raw experimentation
That sense of freedom
There was joy in that room 

Mixed with moments of
Not being myself on stage
37 got tricky at some points
"no one's going to take what you do seriously unless you're more like her"
You're fired
Remember that girl who didn't show up for the show?
She forgot she had to work.

And now #BIRTH & 40
There are no boundaries like the ones you put on yourself
Only the guests who matter. 
You'll only remember the way they made you feel. 

These tributes over the next few weeks are dedicated to the people who will be a part of this magical night. I am trying to find the ways to express what their help, support, time, and energy mean to me.  I can't believe I get to share the space of my journey/party/creative process with people who truly mean so much to me. 

This is the first....

I met MaryAnne Piccolo at a "Dreamgirls" audition.  Mike Greco and I met spending a lot of time in Studio 54.  Both of those things closed over 30 years ago.  Before Mike was even born.  Watching what they've created with Damn The Light Productions  and their visions for the arts and nightlife in NYC brings me all sorts of musical joy.  Having their help putting this evening together means more than this humble gent could possibly express.


Hosted by:  The Black Ups
Sunday, October 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Damn The Light Presents an evening celebrating cabaret and performance artist, James Jackson, Jr. as he steps into a new decade. 

With very special guests:

Alexis Hightower (debut album "The Girl Next Door")
Bridget Barkan (Dear Stranger, Scissor Sisters, Danger Heart)
The cast of Michael R. Jackson's "A Strange Loop"
Gavyn Taylor Pickens (The Curvy Cutie) 
& more

85 Ave A

Check out: 
The Black Ups 
For more info....

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