Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nothing [Twenty14] is more beautiful than you.

Tired of thinking
that nothing is beautiful
& I do believe what happens next
The judges may've been shocked
but I wasn't
I wasn't even impressed

I don't hear much about the
since Kim's ass popped
that champagne.
I hear Bruce is simply
standing in the corner
making a mighty change

You marched
or you wore a Santa suit
Or you didn't
because it's too cold.
Playboy bunnies
from 30 years ago
have press conferences
to hold

Your King/Queen
met the duke/duchess
at a center named Barclay,
which I hear one of them owns
Are we talking about
the pregnancy yet
or are divorce rumors
still in the fold?

There are posts about
Christmas parties
& trees
& soon
the resolutions will win.
Shade, On Fleek, Tunrt Up, or THOT
Where do I begin?

I used to laugh
and bemoan
those family Christmas letters
You know
Like your Auntie's year in review.
A year of a life
About which
nothing I knew

I cried last week
Because my phone didn't ring.
(Maybe I shouldn't
tell you that)
I shouldn't tell you
how important
you are to see.
I thought I'd shown you
just as clearly as you've shown me.

Nothing is beautiful.
And the judges are never right.
Live tweeting a musical is what's on
the docket tonight.

I'm trying very hard
for the next little while
to stay over here
and cook.

Just stay
over here
and cook.

something like
the last,
which has turned into
the new.
Which is
something I am/will be
Equally proud of too.

I used to think mattered
If you tried to see it
That I was more important
than your
Instagram porn.
You see, what doesn't matter to you,
still matters much to me.
And nothing is
more beautiful
than when it's you I see.

I cannot wait to live
with the man I love.
And to build up our home
The way he builds
me up
when I am down
Feeling less than above.

Carrots grown
too close together
in a garden
but they still make
a damn good soup.
Some would even say

You are there.
You have always been there.
Because that
is where I placed you.
And my therapist
is teaching me,
like my father too,
to spend more time
in furtive soil.
Things don't grow
in rocky,
un-tended turmoil.

And the judges are never right.
And the kardashians are still around.
And it's Christmas (without the parties)
In this silly little town.

I am excited for what is coming.
And blessed for what has been
(That's "blessed" without
the hashtag)
Like Jesus without the sin.

And you are here
Because I placed you there.
And nothing
more beautiful
than you.
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