Monday, September 23, 2013

Today's Top 10... (and a little extra)

  1. If 2 birds land in your hand early, do you still get a worm in your bush if you only use the 1 stone?

  1. What is with white people, September 1st, and pumpkin-spiced anything?  It’s just like the walls come down on that day.

  1. I’m compiling a group of Deletion Letters that I will be sending out in nicely wrapped boxes as Christmas presents this year.

  1. “Art is art.  Short for artificial.  Good art, the art of art, is about being as real as you can under these artificial circumstances.” – Joni Mitchell

  1. The common misconceptions that I am angry, regretful, guilty, fearful, worried, judging, competitive, or looking to place blame, usually come from …Scaredy Cats.

    1. Haha, I called you Scaredy Cat.

  1. Have you ever felt “compelled” (direct quote) to betray a friend?  I never have.

  1. Distractions can be nice.  I spent the weekend at a wedding in Provincetown.  Most of yesterday was spent in a car with my best friend.  My evening, sitting in my room listening to the modern day equivalent of a mix-tape…in every sense of the word.  Remember the absolutely ridiculous times through which you still smile.

    1. Also, if he makes mix tapes, he’s gotta be pretty cool, right? 

  1. Each spring, since I was a senior in college, I have re-read “Valley of the Dolls”.

  1. It is completely possible that Candy Crush causes hemorrhoids.

  1. I do not like the word “partner”.

A Bonus #11…Because I felt like it.

  1. Anyone who can give me a valid reason for liking your own Facebook status, please respond with said reasons in the comments section below…if you have time, as I would assume liking your own Facebook stati can be a rather cumbersome job.


My Last "Last Tuesday" event is tomorrow night.  It's with the LEGENDARY Amber Martin.  We're trying to dedicate the evening to the women of the 80s and the men who made them drink.  Come see us at Duane Park at 8PM if you can.  It's free, y'all.  

The 80s got me remembering this ditty I did earlier this year with MCDB!!  Girl, where are you?  Should we try the 90s next?

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