Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's Top 10

  1. I got to use my “first date” shirt last week. (I’ve still kept the tags on it, just in case)

    1. It was also not used on a date.

  1. Learning to say “No” can take years. 

  1. Secretly, I spend hours in both the Strand Bookstore and the Barnes & Noble on East 86th Street and Lexington Avenue.  The fact that I still can get completely lost in bookstores this close to their extinction reminds me that underneath it all, I must be human.

  1. Is it still called a friend if you live in the same city, approximately 1 mile away from each other, haven’t seen each other in over a year, and only communicate via the internet…on birthdays?

    1. I’m all about the lowercase “b” in “birth”

    1. I have a friend who deletes the abovementioned from his social media circle on the person’s birthday.  (If I haven’t spoken to you all year, then why am I electronically keeping you around?)

  1. My neighbor puts out.

  1. After a summer of trying to be better about attending everyone’s everything, I’m so happy to return to regularly scheduled non-attendance this Fall. 

  1. I absolutely adore Cape Cod in September.

  1. Sing with friends.  Sing with old friends.  I did this weekend, and I’m still smiling about it. 

  1. Children and I are intrigued by each other.

  1. People who consistently let you down with their lack of involvement in your life are often called flakes.  Like snowflakes, no two people will ever let you down the same way.  Flakes melt.
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