Monday, September 9, 2013

Today's Top 10

  1.  I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies.

  1. Who are the black gay power couples?  Or do I have to wait on that one?

  1. I have a fan in my room that has just been on since June 12th of this year.  Is that wrong?

  1. Gloria Loring’s son steals songs.

  1. If you believe that my Facebook status is about you and depicts you in a negative light…  Actually, I have nothing else to say about that one.  But you’ve got some serious time on your hands.

  1. I want to live by the beach.  Near?  No, on.

  1. I always thought they stayed together because he didn’t have to worry about paying the rent every month.  Consummate and trained (albeit lazy) bottoms have such an easier life.

  1. Since the Fall of 1998, I have been compiling a list entitled “Not At My Wedding”, which I still use to this day.  It is kept in a Wonder Woman journal.

  1. It is perfectly acceptable to me that I have never seen “Grease 2”.

  1. It annoys me to no end to watch someone put a drink next to a coaster.
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