Monday, October 28, 2013

Today's Top 10.

Today’s Top 10

  1. It’s getting on that time of year where if you don’t put your scarf on before you put your earphones in, you’re going to be mad every few temperature changes.  There’s really no winning.

    1. If you put the scarf on first, the headphones come out to remove the scarf because it’s too warm in the subway station.

    1. If you put the scarf on second, your headphones become entangled in a web of trickery and deceit when you try to remove them to throw shade at the barista who didn’t understand the order you thought you clearly yelled.

    1. My therapist is still on vacation.

  1. The other day, I sat next to a gentleman on the Path Train reading a book untitled “G-String Dreams True Confessions”.

  1. People talk about my posture.

  1. Escaping New York, Manhattan, tall buildings, the sound of traffic and street squeals is easily done.  There is calm, and quiet, and the appreciation of a good smile just a few miles outside of this mess.  And yes, you should bring the dog.

  1. There is even cattiness in the supposed zen of a day at the spa. 

  1. I’ve been recreating some of the conversations that came up, if I was getting into trouble when I was a little kid…

·      Mom:  Who are you yelling at?
JJJr:        I’m not yelling.
Mom:  Oh, so you’re calling me a liar?


·      Mom:            Who are you yelling at?
JJJr:      Nobody.
Mom:  Oh, so I’m nobody?

  1. I make pretty good chicken soup.

  1. My friend George is a YouTube sensation.  There is actually justice in the world (wide web).

  1. I firmly believe that Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day are approximately 10 degrees warmer to all white people.
  2. At age 38, I can solidly say that my desire to grow up to be Judi Dench, a desire I unearthed as a teenager, still stands true.
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