Monday, February 1, 2016

"1 and 28 Days". The reasons I'm adjusting.

 I spend too much time
looking into the lives of people I am too afraid 
to love out loud

I think you should always write, talk, or (if possible) yell about the things that inspire you. If you don't do that, they didn't inspire you in the first place. For me, it's a matter of keeping a sort of public-private record. I have two very irrational fears. One of flying. And one of losing memories. I want to keep track, as best I can, while being addicted to consuming new forward-moving art, person-connecting thoughts, and good food.  To keep track of both everything that has moved me as well as every rock that has ever hit me in the head. 

Here's what I'm doing. There are moments that move us. And we share them. The devices with which we choose to share can start to take on more importance than the moment you initially were trying to share. Anyone who's ever found themselves mindlessly scrolling through a social media site, clutching a bottle of Pinot Grigio, while wondering why your college boyfriend's 2nd wife wore those shoes to the wedding ( 2:AM, mind you) may know some of what I'm talking about. Personlly, my addiction has never been that bad.  However, I am officially changing my relationship with social media. 

Some of these aforementioned moments were good ones. Some were heartbreaking, but only at the time. Some people that were once in my life on one level, ultimately had nothing to share because of one limitation or another. Others gave a full range of love and dialogue with a kiss, their words, a smile, their performance, that meal, a recipe or a simple conversation. It has all been an inspiration. 

These next 28 days are that. In an attempt to stay "in" the world and not just be "of" the world, this is what I have to do to be a little less crazy. 

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