Tuesday, February 23, 2016

3 Bridges Over 3 Really Troubled Waters #AnitaBaker #AnnieLennox #RobertaFlack

Yesterday I fell into a Roberta Flack hole.  Today, I need your help.  I'm working hard on the last three pieces for this month long project, and I need to get them done today or tomorrow while I'm on vacation.

But in the interim.  This hole happened.  And I don't know who's version I love the most.

Roberta Flack is a genius.  There is a longing in the tone that I can't sit through without my heart snapping just a little bit.  It is such a clear, aching, albeit vibrant tone.  Listen...

And any time you let Annie Lennox sit down at the piano, you know something is about to happen.  She does something that I've always loved.  She pulls words and pitches of her choosing back into herself.  You can hear it on some of the higher parts of this.  I'm still captivated though.  Maybe it's the feminist in me.

And then the boat ran aground on Ms.  Anita Denise Baker.  I miss this time in her voice.  1988, I believe.  I didn't know she could do things like this.  Who am I kidding.  I knew.  My mother and I would listen to her constantly.  I remember jamming out to her in the car on our way to our Friday night ceramics class.  And don't worry.  We were home in time for Falcon Crest.

So, your mission... should you choose to accept it.  I'm working on these last 3 entries, but I desperately need to know which one of these think is the best.  And why.  Sort of "Kill, Marry, F*ck" for the three songs.  Who should just stop?  Who could you listen to forever?  And who is just a momentary thrill?

(also ...he was kind of cute back then, right?)

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