Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sundays are for music. #BettyeLavette

In the beginning we talked about a lot of music.  We still do.  He's one of my favorite people to do that with.  I remember learning we both were floored by this rendition of Chaka's song. If you don't know Bettye Lavette, start.


For two and one half years
he has listened to me
he has been with me
he has cooked with me
(or let me cook)
he has laughed with me
and traveled with me
(although he cannot read a map)
and we have sat in this space together
i don't remember much of past relationships
and maybe that is a fault of mine
he remembers so much more than I do
which is funny, because i pride myself on my long memory
at present we live together
and continue to listen
and laugh and cook and travel
and to grow
the future is what we deal in now
and there is no greater feeling
i learn every day that i have more capacity than i did yesterday
and maybe that's all i know of the past.
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