Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey, I'm unimportant.

Someone somewhere must think I'm doing this project for some kind of gratification from some source higher up than me. My 6 year old neighbor, Des, just learned the meaning of the phrase "Stop putting words in my mouth". He's been saying it for the last few weeks. That's how that idea makes me feel. It's taken me a very long time to come to terms with the constant battle between wondering what other people are thinking and holding myself accountable for my own feelings about myself. 

I spend a lot of time talking to my friend, and music director, Elliot. He is a magical human being, and a true artist. I envy him. I adore him. He has an amazing appreciation for the color puce. I could watch him create for days. And I could listen to him play just about anything on the piano. I can guarantee there is no one who's musical tastes I value more. When he tells you to "Check out _____'s new album", or "Listen to what she does at the 3: minute mark" do as your told, and you're bound to enjoy the ride. To get to sing with him, near him, or anywhere in the vicinity of him is my very humble honor. The way he plays the piano does something to me that makes me want to be a better musician. 

We talk about many things. We talk about artists. And artistry. And the overwhelming idea or construct of self-importance as creative people. You have to love yourself. You better. You hope that someone else does.  Can an artist do both? Can you love yourself and love someone else?  Does what you create come truthfully from you? Can you and your creation effect your fellow man without you calling it "saving the world"? 

Artists are different. A painter paints a picture. A sculptor may make a vase. Music can be momentary. The same song can be performed a different way depending on the performer's mood. No one is wrong here. No one is any less an artist. It takes noticing these differences to appreciate the human experience I think. But a lie just won't work. A lie won't read. A good human, who is an artist, who is truthful ...that's who to look for. The same love that this person has for themselves, they have for their art, and they have for their fellow human. Those are the ones to be around. 

There should always be truth in your work. If there is, then you won't have to work at telling the truth. Don't try to save the world. You can't. 

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